Stephen Dweck

Stephen Dweck Brand LogoStephen Dweck has always been intrigued with art and design. At an early age, he developed a love for nature and soon learned how he could incorporate it into design.  Stephen’s formal training began at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he was a student of sculpture and painting. He began fusing his two loves, which led to designing hand carved stone bangles; this was his first venture into the jewelry design world. Stephen has long drawn his inspiration from the wealth of materials found in nature.  He collects stones from all over the world – tourmalines from Brazil, boulder opals from Australia, ammonites from Morocco, and pearls from the South Sea. In the past 24 years, he has created an extensive gallery of stones and minerals, from which his ‘One of a Kind’ pieces are born.  A great deal of thought and effort is involved in making each piece of jewelry - from sorting through thousands of stones, to making the perfect setting for each.  Stephen’s influence from nature can be seen in his signature flower and leaf designs, and he continues to be at the forefront of trends each season. All of the designs are produced and manufactured in his Brooklyn Design Studio. In the Fall of 2004, Stephen launched his version of diamond jewelry with the Celestial, Constellation and Galaxy collections.  These collections are a refined mix of details, incorporating Stephen’s signature engraving with diamonds, 18kt yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and bronze. Stephen’s diamond collections have moved him into the world of fine jewelry design with a look that is both high fashion and classic.