Short Drops

Designer Short Drop Earrings

Are you looking for a new pair of earrings that does not dangle down too low below your ears but that is also not a pair of studs? If so, then designer short drop earrings could be the perfect middle ground to suit your needs. Designer short earrings dangle just below your ears for an elegant, fun look without getting in your way or becoming a snagging hazard. Here at Vertu, we offer a number of styles when it comes to designer short earrings. And since everybody has their own unique sense of fashion, we carry a wide variety of earrings from a number of world famous jewelry designers. A pair of designer short drop earrings can perfectly accompany any outfit, whether it be something casual or even a little more dressy and formal. For example, a pair of crocheted turquoise earrings by designer Sonya Oten goes great with a pair of jeans and a blouse. On the other hand, Beth Orduna's brown topaz and ribbon earrings make for a great complement to any formal wear, such as a dress or even a professional suit. No matter what your own sense of style is like, you can be sure to find at least one pair of great designer short earrings that will suit you. Furthermore, we offer a great price on each designer short earring that we carry in stock, so you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting a wonderful deal on the designer earrings that you end up purchasing. Browse around our designer short drop earrings page today to see our entire selection and decide which ones most appeal to you.