Pearl Necklaces

Designer Pearl Necklaces

When most people think of a pearl necklace, they tend to think of a traditional string of pale, pink, freshwater pearls. And while freshwater pearls are still among the most popular type to be used in jewelry, the fact remains that there are so many unique pearl necklace designs other than the generic solid string of pearls. Today, jewelry designers are incorporating pearls with a variety of other materials to come up with some truly amazing and unique styles. At Vertu, we specialize in carrying the latest designer pearl necklaces from all of your favorite jewelry designers such as Jordan Alexander, Stephen Dweck, and countless others. You may understandably be wondering what other styles of designer pearl necklace are out there these days. Right now, multiple stranded pearl necklaces are especially popular, such as the pearl and pyrite necklace that we carry by Jordan Alexander. This necklace features three strands of pink pearls and pyrite. Furthermore, it is completely adjustable in length, so you can be sure to adjust it to suit your needs regardless of what you may be wearing with it. Aside from multiple stranded necklaces, single-pearl necklaces are also becoming very popular in today's world of jewelry and fashion. Specifically, we carry a great example of this type of style with our white south sea pearl necklace by designer Mizuki. This necklace features a large sea pearl in the form of a pendant along with a 14 karat gold beaded fringe and an adjustable chain. No matter what specific style of designer pearl necklace you may be looking for, you can be sure to find the greatest selection of designer pearl necklaces here at Vertu.