Mark Spirito

Mark Spirito’s design philosophy reflects his desire to create jewelry that has a sense of immediacy.

“I seek to capture the essence of an idea, an expression of the poetic, to create pieces that are understated, simple, not overpowering or overwhelming. My pieces are unique. They are modern and graphic, yet have a talismanic quality. It is important to me that jewelry evokes a sense of the eternal, timelessness, the spiritual. I achieve this with my work by working with simple yet eloquent forms. It is necessary to constantly edit, to create an economy of expression, to create pieces that are spare, yet stunning. For me this is the essence of great design.”

Color is an important theme in his work; stating that color speaks to the emotions and has tremendous power and influence in our lives.

“From heart to mind to hand, I wish to create pieces that truly have a soul, jewelry that allows the personality of the wearer to shine through.