Long Dangles

Designer Long Dangle Earrings

Long dangle earrings can be a great accessory to just about any outfit. Unlike stud earrings and shorter dangles, these longer dangle styles tend to stand out more, drawing attention to the face, chin structure, and eyes. If you do not have at least a few great pairs of long designer earrings in your jewelry collection, then now is time to make that happen. Fortunately for you, Vertu has a variety of great designer long dangle earrings to choose from, so you can certainly find a few pairs that will make you look and feel your best. At Vertu, we are known for carrying the latest trends in jewelry from designers all around the globe. Some of our more popular designers when it comes to designer long earrings include Laurent Gandini, Annette Ferdinandsen, and the vendor Ten Thousand Things. If you have a designer in mind when it comes to your next pair of long designer earrings, there is a good chance that we already carry his or her jewelry in stock. If you are not sure which specific designer you may want to go with when it comes to long dangle earrings, you can simply browse through our current selection. Here, you will find a number of unique styles, such as the elegant link and keshi pearl earring, the light me mesh earring, the gold and pearl earring, or anything in between. Whether you are looking for silver or gold, pearls or beads, you can be sure to find a great pair of long dangle earrings that will suit your sense of style and go great with any of the outfits in your current wardrobe.