Designer Chain Necklaces

It is a simple fact that you can never have too many necklaces in your jewelry selection. Necklaces are a great way to dress up any outfit. Whether you opt for a charm necklace, chain necklace, or anything in between, you can use these great jewelry pieces as a way of making a fashion statement while accentuating your neck and jawline. If you are looking to expand upon your existing necklace collection, then you may want to begin by shopping around for some great designer chain necklaces. This particular style of necklace has recently taken the fashion world by storm and is very quickly spreading in popularity as an increasing number of designers come out with new designer chain necklace trends. There are many different styles of chain necklace. A very common one that is offered by a number of designers is the traditional linked necklace, which essentially features a long chain of metal links. These links may be gold, white gold, sterling silver, or anything in between. In fact, designer Carolina Bucci has a great gold link necklace on the market right now that features a long series of golden chains that is adjustable in length to meet your needs. Those looking for something a little lighter and more traditional may wish to look at many of the styles by Gurhan, which tend to feature smaller links and a larger pendant. For example, Gurhan's moonstruck necklace is made of 24 karat gold chains but features an elegant pave diamond pendant. To shop for these pieces and many other designer chain necklaces, browse through our selection here at Vertu today and snag a great deal in the process.