Carolina Bucci

Easily one of the most well known jewelry designers in the world, Carolina Bucci is famous for her unique and elegant styles of jewelry. Specifically, she is known for her bracelet designs, of which we carry many in our own online store. Right now, the latest trend of hers is the so-called Twister Bracelet, which features a tubular bracelet that comes in a variety of colors and is plated in gold or silver. For easy on-and-off wear, her bracelets are complete with a plated magnetic clasp that is durable and stylish. These Twister Bracelets by Carolina Bucci are currently a top seller and are extremely popular as both formal and casual wear. Since these Carolina Bucci bracelets come in such a wide variety of colors, you can essentially find one to match or complement any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a pink bracelet with gold plating, a light blue bracelet with blackened sterling, or anything in between, you can be sure to find what you are looking for here at Vertu. Just think about all the outfits you could pair one of these elegant and trendy bracelets with. In fact, if you really wanted to get creative and make a statement, you could very well don a few of these bracelets at once to create an interesting spectacle of colors. With her extensive background in jewelry design and Fine Arts, it is no surprise that Carolina Bucci jewelry has become so popular over the years. If you are looking to keep up with the latest trends in jewelry, be sure to shop through our selection of this particular designer's creations today.