Designer Belts

While belts often serve the functional purpose of ensuring that one's pants fit snugly and comfortably, the fact remains that, more often than not, they are worn merely as a fashion statement rather than for a functional purpose. Belts can be a great way to add a little bit of extra style to your existing wardrobe. It is impossible to ever have too many belts in your wardrobe, which is likely how you have stumbled across Vertu's page of designer belt listings. When shopping for belts, of course you only want the best. That is why we only carry top designer belts that reflect today's latest and greatest styles. Belts from Vertu come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials so that you can find some that best suit your fashion needs. These days, calfskin material belts are extremely popular. These belts have a feel that is similar to leather but are much more flexible and comfortable to wear. Vertu currently carries several of these that are adorned with starburst styles in black, silver, and brown. These particular belts are designed by Ronald Pineau, who is known for creating some of the most fashionable and unique belt designs in the world. Rather than simply buying belts to serve a functional purpose, why not use them to make a true fashion statement and to show off your own sense of style each time you step out of the house? Browse through our designer belt collection to find some must-haves for your existing wardrobe. Who knows? Perhaps our designer belts sale will even inspire you to pick up a few different belts to add to your wardrobe.