Beaded Necklaces

Designer Beaded Necklaces

Every wardrobe should be complete with a wide selection of beautiful jewelry to accompany it. By having different jewelry to choose from, you can easily mix and match to come up with new looks and to achieve different styles with your wardrobes and jewelry combined. One staple of any jewelry collection should be the designer bead necklace. Versatile and stylish, such necklaces come in so many different styles and colors that you can be sure to find some to beautifully complement any of your attire and other accessories. At Vertu, we carry only today's latest fashions when it comes to designer beaded necklaces. This is why we only work with the most popular global jewelry designers to bring you the most cutting edge and fashionable new styles in beaded necklaces. For example, one very popular style that is taking the jewelry world by storm these days is that of the asymmetrical beaded necklace. At Vertu, we carry this hot style. Specifically, we offer a lovely asymmetrical beaded necklace from jewelry designer Stephen Dweck. This necklace comes in a blend of red, turquoise, and bronze linked beads that really come together for a unique look. Those looking to accentuate the neckline may wish to consider a mixed three-strand necklace from cutting edge jewelry designer Beth Orduna. This adjustable length necklace is great for complementing the neckline of any shirt or blouse, while its elegant pearls and lapis make for a beautiful look. The bright colors of this piece can bring out pops of color in any outfit or add some color to an otherwise neutral one. Continue browsing our selection of designed bead necklaces today to explore even more styles.