Bangles and Cuffs

Designer Bangles and Cuffs

These days, bangles are among the most popular styles of bracelets on the market. Characterized by their loose fit and typically larger size, bangles are a wonderful accessory to just about any outfit. Depending on the specific design of bangle that you don, you can easily dress up the most casual outfit or accentuate a more elegant one. The possibilities when it comes to pairing bangle bracelets with your favorite outfits are essentially endless. Of course, when shopping for bangle bracelets, you only want the best for yourself. That is why you have come to Vertu to find designer bangle bracelets. Here, we carry a wide variety of designer bangles to suit your fashion needs. Some of the famous bracelet designers that we represent here include the famous Gurhan, Stephen Dweck, Aurora Lopez Mejia, and many more. Which designer is right for you depends largely on the style that you are going for. For example, if you would prefer a more traditional and elegant bracelet, then Gurhan may be a great choice for you. Gurhan's bangles are known to be made of rich metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The size of these bangles can range, but they tend to be on the smaller side. For those who want something even more timid and classic, Stephen Dweck specializes in thin bangles that are adorned with beautiful stones and pearls. Finally, Aurora Lopez Mejia is an ideal designer for those who want to stand out in a crowd. With large, bold designer bangle styles, you can truly make a statement with these bracelets. Shop our wide selection of designer bangle bracelets today to find some that are perfect for you.