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From eclectic jewelry pieces fashioned with shell, onyx, rhinestone ball and raw rock crystals to sophisticated pieces with gold and pave diamonds, the jewelry collections at Vertu are modern with a timeless appeal. Our artists use a wide array of top grade materials for our designer jewelry. Exotic skins and leathers are embellished with semi-precious and precious stones to offer a contemporary twist on classic designs. Gold, sterling, brass, bronze and silk are some of the metals and materials used  in combination with gemstones, crystals and rhinestones to offer the designer endless possibilities. Gemstones can be faceted, smooth or raw. Variations in colors, cuts and sizes add to one's creativity.

Gemstones with Sparkle and Meaning

Both precious and semi-precious, gemstones are rocks and minerals mined from the earth. These stones are characterized in terms of hardness, fracture, luster, cleavage, refractive index and dispersion. Each has a distinctive absorption spectrum that adds to its luminescence. Here’s a list of gemstones outlining each stone’s unique characteristics and associated meanings.


Agate is a quartz stone and comes in a variety of patterns like bands and specks. It is also available in a wide selection of colors, including blue, black, red and green. Agate is symbolic of love, nature, abundance and said to soothe emotion. You’ll find a nice selection of colorful agate jewelry in our beaded necklaces, bracelets, earring and rings.


Amber is a fossilized sap from ancient trees that have aged. Most commonly found in a golden hue, it can also be found in shades or orange, milky white, green and violet. Its holistic properties include healing of joints and stomach problems. We feature this semi-precious stone in a rainbow of colors for bracelets.


Regal and powerful, this quartz amethyst ranges in color from light lilac to deep purple. It is the symbol of wisdom and worn by royalty for thousands of years. It is known for its healing powers for the heart and lungs. We offer this beautiful stone in both marbleized shapes and multi-faceted cuts in necklaces, earrings and rings.


Mined in Brazil and Columbia, aquamarine is a blue-green stone used by ancient sailors for protection while at sea. It is known to bring peace, wisdom and serenity. It is also the birthstone for March.

Black Onyx 

Black onyx is a micro-crystalline quartz surround with myth, legend and lore. It can be found in solid black or with white and yellow veins. Legend reveals that the goddess Venus had nails of heavenly onyx. It is symbolic of authority and strength.


Found in the United States, Brazil and China, bloodstone is a vibrant green with distinctive red spots. In ancient times, bloodstone amulets were worn for protection against evil. Its healing properties are associated with improving circulation and energy flow.


A cabochon gemstone is shaped and polished in a convex form and not faceted. These stones are available in a huge variety of shapes and colors.


Chalcedony is mineral quartz that is available in a wide variety of colors, including white, tan, lavender, blue and yellow. Sacred among Native American Indians, this stone symbolizes good will and brotherhood. Its holistic properties include increasing physical energy and promoting healing of sores.


The citrine stone is a member of the quartz family and ranges in color from light yellow to golden yellow. It is known as the stone of good fortune and intelligence and the birthstone for November.


Emerald is a beryl stone mined in Brazil, Africa and Columbia. With the right deep green color, it can be more valuable than a diamond. It is the stone of hope and believed to bring the wearer wisdom and peace of mind.


Feldspar is an abundant silicate mineral with vitreous lusters. These stones are found in opaque shades of pink, white, grey and brown. The unique healing properties of feldspar include aiding the muscular system. It is also the stone of creativity and self-awareness.


Garnet comes in many colors, including red, yellow, green and orange. It symbolizes love, compassion, truth and purity. Specifically, the red garnet is associated with cleansing and healing the spleen and thyroid. From faceted garnet bracelets and macramé necklaces with garnet to earrings with encrusted garnets, we offer a wide array of garnet jewelry.


From deep blues to shades of violet, iolite is a fascinating stone. Ancient mariners used iolite as a compass to navigate their sea journey. It is believed to unlock creativity and support healing of the eyes.


Enchanting and mystical, the green jade stone ranges in color from pale green to deep green. It is the stone of love and financial success. Jade is also a protective stone against misfortune and accidents. Holistic properties include healing for the heart, kidney and stomach.


Jasper in found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including browns with leopard-like stripes, reds with polka-dot designs and blues with waves of lines. It is known to protect one against the dangers of the night. Jasper is the stability stone and believed to help release emotional stress.


This interesting stone was discovered in the 19th century and comes in a wide array of colors, including orange and blue-green. Kyanite has blades and fan-like clusters in its appearance. It is believed to help restore energy balance to the body.


Labrodorite is a semi-translucent blue stone and believed to help one mediate to discover their real journey in life.


Moonstone has a milky white, blue or grey tone. It is a mystical stone said to bring good fortune, inspiration, success and protection. At Vertu, we feature moonstone in enchanting rings and necklaces with moonstone flanked with diamonds.


Translucent and shimmering, opals can be found in a rainbow of colors like blue, pink, yellow and orange. It is believed to bring good fortune to faithful lovers.


A variety of the olivine mineral group, peridot ranges in color from green to yellowish green. It is the stone of beauty and lightness. It is a protector against negative emotions.


Pyrite looks very much like gold, and it is a symbol for good luck and good fortune in business. With its dazzling energy shield, it is said to block out negativity and reduce inertia.


Amethyst, citrine and tourmaline are all quartz stones. There is also white topaz, tangerine topaz, rose topaz and imperial topaz. Quartz is a tranquility stone and inspires hope, calms fears and promotes understanding.


Rhodium is a silvery-white precious metal and an upscale alternative to sterling silver. With its high reflectance, it is both flashy and expensive.


Rhodolite is a variety of the garnet group and features a rose-pink to red hue. It is the gem of truth and faith. Rhodolite’s holistic properties include assistance with blood related conditions.


Ranging in color from pink to red with black veins, rhodonite is symbolic of love. It is also associated with bringing a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Rock Crystal 

Rock crystal is one of the earth’s most abundant minerals. Rock crystal comes in a variety of colors and is believed to amplify energy for healing. It is also believed to stimulate psychic perception.


Mostly found in Thailand and Burma, the ruby is symbolic of love and friendship. This stone varies in its red color, but pigeon blood is the most sought after. It is associated with healing of the circulatory system.

Rutulated Quartz 

This stone is available in hues of red or yellow. Its characteristics include inclusions that are known as the Venus-hair stone. This quartz stone represents hope and provides relief from anxiety and depression.


Most sapphires are found in Australia and come in a kaleidoscope of colors, including blue, pink, yellow, green and violet. The sapphire is a symbol of financial success, wisdom and perception. It is also believed to help cure sore throats. We offer an excellent designer selection of colored sapphires in our earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.


Topaz comes in a wide array of colors, including blue, pink, white, orange and brown. In the Book of Exodus, topaz in one of the twelve breast place stones that the angels guard. Holistic properties include calming emotions, banishing bad dreams and protection against evil forces.


Tourmaline is found in many colors, including pink, green, blue and black. It is symbolic of femininity and love. This stone is associated with the healing of broken hearts.


This beautiful green stone is one of the two green types of garnet. Its rich green hues are due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. This stone is a competitor of the emerald due to its durability and less inclusions. Tsavorite is the symbol of power and is said to help restore energy to the body.


Prized by the ancients for years, turquoise represents truth and wisdom. It is renowned for its endearing robin’s blue color. The healing properties of turquoise include alleviation of viral infections, stomach problems and rheumatism.


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