Holiday Shopping

Deciding what jewelry to wear to this year’s holiday party(s) can be hard, I know.  However, at Vertu, I take my time when it comes to buying jewelry for my 

boutique; I travel around the world, whether it is Paris, Turkey, New York or Italy I personally make sure that Vertu consistently carries the newest and and most highly edited (by me!) selection of jewelry in the world! 

This Seasons Best Selling Designers

With so many terrific designers and stores to choose from, buying for your loved ones this year may seem overwhelming.  With that said, let me offer you my assistance in finding you that perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season! I invite you to call me at (303) 333-8883 or email me at and I would be more then happy to guide you in the right direction (I have been doing this for 25 years, and I know my stuff!).

For some gifts that are stylish and fun, for not a lot of money, check these out. Hurry, they are going quick!


Linda Bhan
Linda Bhan


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