Why should you shop for jewelry in a boutique instead of a department store?

You will find that there is a reason why some specialty retailers can not only sustain a profit, but rather, flourish in a market filled with big name department stores and malls. So what sets a boutique apart from the big name stores?  Put simply, a boutique offers the client with superior service, including one on one assistance, direction, and qualified suggestions.  As a boutique owner for the last twenty-five years, I have witnessed the effect that a department store has on a small business; however, I have also witnessed resurgence in boutique shopping due to the quality of customer service, selection and reputation.  

Many of my customers choose Vertu, (my store) because I have access to unique, and inventive designers.  I am fortunate to carry highly sought after lines like Laurent Gandini, and Werkstatt:München who are sometimes hard to find.  Thus, my customers know that when they purchase a bracelet, or a pair of earrings from Vertu, they are among the few who have the privilege to wear that particular style.  Additionally, every item in my store is highly edited and handpicked.  For example, I travel a few times a year to Europe to personally choose the items that best represent my store.  To me, jewelry is personal; our personalities are reflected in the choices we make.  It is important to me to seek out innovative designers who are leaders in their industry.  I have a personal investment in offering items that are distinctive, well designed, and fashion-forward.  People continue to shop at Vertu after 25 years because they like the look we offer, maintaining the look is important to me.  My customers always know what to expect when shopping at Vertu.

Similar to other small businesses, building bonds with our customers is a vital role in our success.  These relationships, which are built overtime, provide benefits for both my business and my client. When I buy jewelry for my store, I can pick out items that best match my client’s specific taste. Furthermore, when it comes to Christmas, Valentines Day, and other gift giving holidays, my customers significant others know they can count on me to help guide them in the right direction.  

I hope that my brief summary as to why it can be advantageous to shop at a boutique was helpful!  I invite you to view our collection of jewelry and accessories at www.vertu.net

Vertu is located in Cherry Creek North in Denver, Colorado.  Find out more about Cherry Creek North here.





Linda Bhan
Linda Bhan


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